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We know everything about PC sex games. We have tested many of them and hand-picked the ones that are worth playing. Our criteria are: graphics quality, excitement, advanced customization, social features, and a wide user base. Find out about the best porn games on the market and make all your sexual fantasies come true! Virtual sex games have gotten seriously real - just take a look at our latest reviews.

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Fleshlight: Control porn games with your penis

Fleshlight is a best-selling sex toy worldwide. VStroker is a device connected using USB to Fleshlight, and its purpose is to copy the movement of your penis inside Fleshlight to the computer screen. You can control PC games 3DXChat, 3D SexVilla 2 and Hentai 3D 2 this way! Read more about this sex toy in our review.

New reviews coming soon (pun intended)!

Stay tuned for brand new reviews of exciting PC porn games with fun names like World of Whorecraft and Grand Fuck Auto.

Check out the Red Light Center world!

I have just heard about it, it's a very big online adult virtual reality world. Friends say: "In Red Light Center, there's just about everything. Sex, gambling, drugs, shopping, parties..." I'm definitely gonna check it out and capture some videos and pictures. Stay tuned!

3DXChat - Review of the most realistic 3D porn game ever

The level of virtual sex experience has gotten a lot higher when developers from SexGameDevil studio released their new multiplayer game, 3DXChat. Thanks to real-life motion capture from porn actors and complex 3D graphics, the sex is so close to real that it's hard to think it is just a game. The best feature that contributes to the real look is the realistic bending and stretching of vaginas and cocks. Read our review of the game or try it out now at

Bonetown: Sex, drugs, GTA! The porn version of Grand Theft Auto.

Are you a fan of GTA and the simple Hot Coffee mode wasn't enough to get your dick hard? Then try Bonetown. It looks like a porn version of Grand Theft Auto - there are also fights, weapons, drugs, but the core feature of the game is sex. You start in a new city as an unknown guy and you can afford only the ugly chicks. But gradually, you gain respect and power to advance to the hottest chicks in town.

Oculus Rift: The future of virtual porn looks bright

Just google "oculus rift porn" and watch the youtube videos. It's very interesting! Oculus Rift is a system connecting virtual reality glasses and a computer that is getting the attention of the world's top game developers. The Oculus Rift Developer version is already available for sale, with many promising virtual reality sex games looming in the near future.

3D Sex Games

3D games sorted by the quality of 3D models and animations

Find out which games will best please your eye with true 3D graphics. Here you'll find soon reviews of the best 3D sex games online. Create a sex hero, pick a location, pick a partner (or, better, a bunch of partners) and watch the sex action in 3D! Get the best view of the action on the scene.

Online Sex Games

Games with online mode sorted by user options and fun

Wanna join other real people in fantasy sex games? Wanna explore virtual worlds where all your dirty dreams can come true? Then pick one of our top rated multiplayer games and enjoy. Much better than playing World of Warcraft!

Free sex games

Try out some of the games for free. Some games, such as 3D SexVilla 2 offer you the option to play the game for free and earn SexCoins by completing quests and making your women orgasm. Visit section Free Sex Games and take a look at what we have for you.

S.G. versus watching porn

  • SG: You take the action, you decide.
  • P: You just sit and watch. No control.
  • SG: In one game, you have access to all features, all sexual positions, all set-ups, all human or other patners. The world is yours.
  • P: You'd have to find and watch all the porn videos on the millons of websites to see everything.

Benefits of playing

  • You take the action
  • All your dirty dreams can come true
  • You can set up everything as you like it
  • Sex games can make you more creative in bed
  • You can get inspired - features and sexual positions in the games can improve your real sexual life
  • In case you don't have a sex partner, games can help you relieve better than porn

Sex games are what makes this website go round. If you prefer, porn games or, for example, adult games. As the title of our website suggests, we review sex games for pc, but that's not all. Mobile sex games are also popular, so we'll add a new section focused on Android sex games and iPhone sex games. Other sections are: online sex games (role playing with real people), 3D sex games (from the graphical point of view), free sex games (demos and free downloads), and also special categories, like hentai sex games or gay sex games.